Our teaching methods

In our Polish language school we believe it is highly important to use the knowledge learned in the classroom in a practical way. We focus on a series of exercises which utilise the language in a practical way.

In our Polish lessons, to encourage rapid learning we allow only a maximum of four students in our classes. Due to the small class size students have a great opportunity to utilize their language skills through direct conversation, debate, role- plays and daily life situations

Besides the language textbook we support the students learning through games, popular media material, audio-visual, all adapted to courses to encourage the students to effortlessly learn Polish. Students are encouraged to practice outside the classroom through complete immersion when staying with a Polish family, as well as through organized social events put on by our school. In order to do so, you will need to provide the details of your flight including flight number, the name of the airline, the exact time and date of your arrival.

Our Neighbourhood

Our Polish language school is located in a beautiful neighbourhood in the small Polish city of Lebork. Close to our school are numerous shops, pubs, restaurants, clubs, supermarkets and historical points.

Our Staff

Our teachers, as well as having a large amount of teaching experience, have a solid education, a background in teaching and are native speakers of Polish. Our teachers are also very flexible, outgoing and fun.

Our teachers are experienced in prouding group courses as well individual polish language courses as well as individual polish language tuition. Not only do our students learn polish but also various themes regarding polish culture. To learn Polish rapidly the student must have fun and stay interested at the same place and our makes the objectives key points in our polish language tuition .

Pratcical information about Lębork

Transport: within Lebork- Lebork is a fairly small town so you can virtually get around almost everywhere on foot. Bus transportation around Lebork costs 1 zloty.

Business Hours - 9am - 7pm. There are also some confectionary shops open until 11pm. Food most restuarants and bars are open until 10pm on weekdays and much later on weekends

Consulates: Consulates for all countries are located in Warsaw. There is also a British Consulate in Gdansk

Food: Food in both restaurants and shops are quite cheap compared to standards in western Europe. The price of a loaf of bread is approximately 1 zloty, mineral water is 2 zloty, beer in a shop costs 2.50 zloty. A large sized pizza in Lebork will cost around 15 zloty.

Health: There are numerous clinics in Lebork as well as a large hospital complex. European union countries are covered under medical insurance from their own countries.

Money: Euro, Dollars or Pounds can be easily converted in Polish zloty at numerous banks in Lebork as well as in money exchange shops. Many restaurants, bars, and shops accept credit cards as well.

Weather: The weather in Poland in the summer is notoriously sunny and warm, making outdoor activities extremely popular, especially on the Baltic sea coast.

Sport Activities

You will have the opportunity to participate in organized football and volleyball matches. There is new swimming pool close to the homestay accommodation and there are also two large lakes (Osowskie lake, Lubowidz lake) near Lebork, which are perfect for swimming, canoeing, kayaking and sailing in the summer.

Trips to Łeba

Trips to the nearby Baltic resort town of Łeba can be organized at the guest's wishes. Leba is a beautiful, popular holiday spot with large sandy beaches, reportedly the clearest water in Poland as well as numerous shops, pubs and restauarants. Sailing, fishing and catamaran activities are always available in the summer in Leba.

Trips to Gdansk and Sopot

Trips to nearby historic Gdansk and Sopot can be organized at the guest's wish. Gdansk is a city with over 1000 years of history, it is the birthplace of Solidarity and was the first place to experience combat in World War II. The old town in Gdansk is one of the nicest in Europe and contains many interesting museums, restaurants, pubs and shops. Sopot is another popular Baltic city, next to Gdansk and a short train ride from Lebork. Along with large sandy beaches, Sopot also has the longest pier in all of Europe. Sopot is a popular haven for shopping as well as fine dining and also has a vibrant nightlife.


Gdynia, located between Gdansk and Sopot, is also located on the Baltic sea coast. In Gdynia one can find numerous cinemas and live theatre productions. There is also an interesting marine museum as well as an award-winning aquarium.

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